About Me


I'm Holly. Born and raised in Youngstown. Ohio. I am now living in Cleveland Ohio.  I have primarily have been in Retail Mangement for about 20 years though I maintain an inactive real estate license and currently working on my Health and Life Insurance license. I am Married to a wonderfull husband Rich and have two fabulous though sometimes moody Stepsons Matthew who is 15 years old and 6'5" and David 13 who is nearing 5'8". I am only 5' and I run the show!
I bake, sew, paint, crochet and a boatload of other stuff! I also have a lot of unfinished projects that I started long ago have a weakness for shoes,boots and books!
This is a blog about me…the things I love and  hate, anecdotes, my “nonspecific accomplishments”, adversities and the things I have learned along the way.This is my life seen thru dirty bifocals.