The Bifocalbabe

  Everyone knows that the shortest difference between 2 points is a line….Not me…In my “Line” of life my path has always been an “S”. Thankfully, I have a long Life Line. It will probably take me to the age of 80 to do what others accomplish by 50...but not to worry. The scenic way is always the best way. There are people to meet, places to see, skills to learn and fun things to do! My life achievements have been a bit vague.  I love to procrastinate and since I am newly unemployed this has become my new form of procrastination. I even put off designing this web site! I used to procrastinate from going to class by writing in letters. Everyone received a letter from me.  I would write detailed stories of my exciting college life. Ironically the day I returned to class, the professor returned graded exams and I was returned home. No more need for letters!

 The saying that I march to the beat of my own drum?...well mine is like a tambourine….and I stroll instead of march…and it not really a beat but a little ting a ling here and there. I am probably the only one who could hear this tambourine so I am well aware that some people out there think I may be off my rocker. So really “I stroll to the ting a ling of my own tambourine that only I could hear”.  Don’t people usually get put into Bellview for this??  So…I have decided to get onto the “politically correct” band wagon and call my unfocused undertakings “nonspecific accomplishments”.  It sounds so much reputable.  But I digress.

  I guess this is a blog about me…. the things I love, hate, anecdotes, my “nonspecific accomplishments”, adversities and the things I have learned along the way.  This is my life seen thru dirty bifocals.